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Treatment is a race against time. Every minute before treatment could mean the difference between a return to normal life or a lifetime of disability.

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I can confidently say Dr Farrukh is an excellent caring and a holistic doctor who spends time with each patient and listens. He is a wonderful human being


Dr Farrukh is a wonderful doctor, knowledgeable and kindhearted ,with excellent diagnostic skills. We are eternally grateful to him for his prompt diagnosis and advice at every stage during his treatment of my 82-year-old father based out of Kolkata and my 60-year-old relative in Noida, both of them were severely ill with COVID during the 2nd wave. He was a true warrior rendering his services tirelessly, round-the- clock during the Covid crisis for so many families in our residential complex. He is an excellent Geriatric doctor. We totally trust his compassionate medical care for my parents and my mother-in-law. His holistic approach of understanding what his patients feel physically and emotionally makes him an excellent doctor. His innate ability to simplify seemingly complex medical conditions puts us at ease each time we consult him . He is a wonderful person. May God bless him.

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